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Custom Product Development

MICRODEX is an electronic design and real time embedded software design house. The company specializes in designing real-time embedded systems. Combining in depth knowledge of electronics and embedded software together with in house PCB layout, prototype board assembly and test.

We've been in business now for 13 years, so if you want a name you can trust - Microdex has all the tools and skills to develop your product.

Embedded Software Design

Electronic Design

Microdex has over a decade of experience in developing electronic embedded systems. Creating efficient real time embedded software whilst maintaining readable object orientated code. Using these modular coding techniques enables us to achieve high performance embedded solutions which can be easily maintained by the client. From fast turnaround concept demonstrators all the way to complex multi layer high density PCB's. Microdex can support you with your development project in all areas from high speed digital electronic systems, analogue electronic and interfaces to electronic power applications and custom chargers or convertors.

Windows Applications

PCB Layout

In addition to developing embedded solutions Microdex complete the design package by supporting you with Windows Application development. Unique GUI based applications can be realized for test or final product release.

Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual Basic, .NET

With Altium Designer we can take your schematic design and perform the required PCB layout of your board. Supporting advanced layouts such as BGA and DDR2/3 memory requiring track length tuning. Altium Designer allows you to preview designs in 3D and import to CAD software.

If your just starting out with Altium - take a look at our helpful video pages.

Electronic's product concepting, electronic circuit design, PCB layout services, Design for manufacture and now added support for low volume prototypes builds.
- Microdex is the complete solution.