Microdex was established as an electronics design house in 2001, with the focus on providing concept design support to businesses in the UK and world wide. Our target client’s are generally businesses that lack either resources or specialist design knowledge in certain areas.

The company’s business model is to cut through the constraints now faced in many larger organizations enabling us to minimize design time from concept through to final product prototyping. Here the term ‘rapid prototyping’ holds true, Microdex maintains a fluid approach to the design process with specialist engineers who work on all aspects of the development from specification to circuit design, schematic capture, PWB layout, component sourcing, embedded software design and even to front end Windows based applications.

Using this concept, Microdex has the ability to overcome design issues at an unrivalled speed and efficiency, whilst still maintaining a focus on fulfilling the design goals and producing reliable, cost effective solutions. To achieve this, a strong mix of experience and dynamic working is the key.

Our design team have over 18 years electronic and software design experience in the commercial industry. Making the necessary decisions relating to design changes and implementing them in a fast and concise manor yields results beyond that of many other companies operating in the electronics design sector.

Our clients quickly recognize the value of this fast turnaround design concept and rapidly come to trust the methods implemented by Microdex, safe in the knowledge that we have the common goal of producing reliable products and concept designs with cost effective manufacturability ready for when the client moves towards mass production.

We expect nothing but the best from our designers so you can expect nothing but the best from Microdex.