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Increasing demands for embedded software development

The demand for embedded software development is growing at a rate which perpetually sets new record levels. We live in a time characterised by a consumer driven demand for beneficial technologies to be incorporated into devices and appliances which are not traditionally associated with digital or computer control systems. It is no understatement to say that making sure the correct software is incorporated into design work is now very much a critical factor for success.

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Qi Charging – lets go wireless

Qi Charger from ChargeSky

With the sales of Qi Charging bases expected to increase exponentially over the next couple of years, it is great a see UK business demonstrating how cost effectively a high quality Qi Charger can be designed and manufactured.

Qi Charger Module

Desktop Qi Charger from chargeSky

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Saving time on product development with Microdex

Product development is absolutely crucial to ensuring the products that end up on the market or in use are the highest quality and satisfy their specifications. Unfortunately high levels of competition between businesses and short timeframes from consumers can leave limited time for this. As a result a high speed solution is needed that can simultaneously create the right product and keep errors to a minimum.

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Taking electronic design to the next level

We established ourselves as an electronic design specialist in 2001. Ever since, our primary goal has been to supply concept support to companies throughout the country. Typically, our clients consist of individuals that lack either the specialist design knowledge or proper resources necessary to move forward. If you fit into this category, we are just the people to help.

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