Design For Manufacture

Ensuring your electronic system is ready for mass production is paramount. Microdex can support you by estimated failure rates and failure effect modes. If you have an existing design we can work with you to review layout issues which reduce yield during production assembly and highlight costly assembly processes which could be design out.

Production Test

Production test instructions are too often left as an after thought. At Microdex we can develop clear and concise test proceedures for the manufacturing entity. For complex designs Microdex can also perform production testing in house. Often the cost of setting up expensive automated testing is not feasible due to the overall volume of production but in these cases production testing requirements can be achieved usuing highly skilled engineers to test the product.

The benefits to you!

  • Low hardware costs
  • Simple user touch interfaces
  • Test Result Logging.
  • Custom test requirements.
  • Signal monitoring.
  • Modular Electronics.
  • Comms monitoring.