Embedded Software Development

Microdex can support you with Embedded Software design. With a large subset of existing in house software modules Microdex can create full application software fast and efficiently. 'C' - 'C++' - Assembler. Simple micro-controller electronic embedded systems to complex DSP architectures.

Microdex has the experience. Understanding and writing embedded software for embedded systems needs knowledge beyond that of just the chosen high level language. The platform architecture must be understood, software must harness code optimizing techniques specific to the CPU core, memory and peripherals.


The MSP430 is our personal choice for embedded low power electronic systems. Such a large variaty of processor within the family and a strong collection of in house source code. The 16bit architecture is ideal for C and pointer usage.

AVR 8/32

The AVR family, can support similar application to the MSP430, but with families extension also supporting external memory bus this family is a great low cost alternative for consoles requiring additional ram.

PIC 16/18/24F

Every engineer has used a PIC micro at some stage in there career. The internal reg architecture may be harder to manage on some of the smaller devices but a great all round family for those small projects.


Microdex extensive knowledge in the video processing has found it using to TI TMS320C6xx family time and time again. A power house for DSP but the real trick is how you write the software and optomise for parrallel processing features.


The ARM Cortex™-M3 32-bit RISC core operating at a 72 MHz frequency brings superior performance with low cost to embedded products. Microdex has experience covering the full product range.


The latest addition to the Microchip family of processors - the PIC32MX / MZ. A great all round processor rivalling that of the ARM Cortex. Our latest PIC32 projects include WIFI, Oleds and Flash Drives.