IOT Everywhere

It is expected that the combined markets of IoT will grow to about $502B in 2021 which is more than double £235B spent in 2017. Connectivity is almost becoming the norm for new products on the market. If you are embarking on a new venture, startup or maybe just looking to update an existing portfolio of products to support connectivity you may find yourself overwhelmed with the offerings of devices available in the market. Microdex can help navigate the design challenges faced in this field because of its key experience in deploying cost effective design solutions proven with existing customers.

CO2 Sensor Module

One of most important aspects of product design is to ensure the product manufacturing cost is correct to ensure sufficient margins and return revenue. This in itself requires an accurate consideration of product sales potential and can become a significant driving factor in processor and module selection to achieve the desired connectivity.

Wearable IOT Device

From industrial systems – requiring control and data logging to cloud based services, to commercial wearable requiring APP connectivity. Whatever you requirement come and speak with our technical team to find out how we can help you progress your project and benefit from our existing experience.