PCB design services that reduce errors

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are more advanced today than ever before, expanding the features and functions of a wide array of different devices. The advances have resulted in a need for a wider selection of engineering skills and more integrated tools. This has driven the whole sector forward.

At Microdex we have managed to stay at the forefront of our sector and been able to deliver consistently high quality PCB design services. We achieved this by investing in our team and ensuring they have the widest knowledge and the best skills. In addition we provide them with market leading equipment so they can cater for all manner of requirements.

The most important thing with PCB design is to keep the process fluid. That way it can adapt to all manner of requirements and deliver the perfect designs. Flexibility and fluidity is absolutely vital because it results in fewer redesigns and respins, ultimately translating to lower costs and a smaller development cycle.

An aspect of our PCB design services that makes us really stand out is we work hard to keep the number of errors made to a minimum. Mistakes can always happen, particularly when it comes to product development. They are always more likely to happen as the complexity and density of the layout increases. Fortunately we use the latest Altium Designer to check every design rule to reduce errors.

A second advantage of Altium is it creates a 3D image of the PCB. As a result it can be visually inspected before moving on to manufacturing rather than the other way around. This saves time and costs whilst also further reducing the potential for errors.

Our team of engineers at Microdex are highly skilled in every aspect of high speed digital electronic design. They always focus on delivering the best solutions for clients, regardless of how complex the specifications are.

If you have any questions for us please get in touch. We are confident you won’t find better PCB design services than those we have to offer.