PCB Design Services

Designing PCB's for today challenging markets requires engineering skills beyond that of just a being competent with the design tool suite. Tool sets are becomming integrated and for a very good reason, maintaining a fluid design process with the ability to move back and forth between schematic capture and PCB layout enables the designer to progress quickly and keep on top of design and requirement changes.

Microdex harnesses this 'fluid' design concept utilising the functions of Altium Designer which proves invaluable to our customers especially those requiring first concept or prototype designs wishing to minimize board respins. Unlike our rivals, our PCB layout engineers will have experience in all aspects of high speed digital electronic design and design for EMC.

PCB design today is no longer just about driving the toolset and connecting nodes a skilled electronic engineer together with a powerful tool like altium designer is essential.

High Density PCB Layout

Designing with the latest FPGA and BGA packages requires complex multi layer routing and track length tuning. Design rules are configured for routing constraints and specific track length matching. Validating the design using the design rule checker within Altium Designer mean prototypes with less errors.

3D Viewing & Verification

Altium designer provides the ability to review the board design and component positions in a rendered 3D image reduces layout errors. Footprints designed to IPC standards and 3D components created from manufacturers physical package dimensions permit 100% validation.

Does your current design entity give you a PCB Layout Engineer with High Speed digital knowledge, with EMC knowledge? Or a PCB Layout Engineer with FPGA experience and software skills. Move to Microdex and experience a different approach.