Rapid Assembly

At Microdex we know all to well how frustrating it can be when you’ve completed the design have the PCB’s made and have sourced your components but then can’t find anyone to assembly a small quantity batch. For this reason we have invested in our own mini oven which allows us to assembly small surface mount boards.

Using in house hot air re-work tools we also have the ability to fix boards and change components.

Adding value to design services…

Microdex is always seeking to add value to the service offered. Whilst our focus remains the development of electronic hardware and embedded software we have become all too aware how difficult it is to get assembly houses to support research and development by accommodating rapid turnaround of small batches. It is this reason we now include the facility for board assembly. The prototype oven enables us to get the initial prototypes assembled as soon as the PCB’s and components are available. With boards in hand the software team can move forward with application development direct on the target board.

Moving to full production

Microdex has very Electronics Assembly companies which they partner with in the UK, with their support and state of the art facility we can now offer our clients full UK based mass production. All of the companies we work with have all the quality assurances and processes in place to ensure your product is built to the highest standards, whether Automotive, Medical, Avionics, Military or Commercial. Our relationship is such that we can work closely with them to ensure your product is designed to encompass the most reliable and cost effective manufacturing processes.