Saving time on product development with Microdex

Product development is absolutely crucial to ensuring the products that end up on the market or in use are the highest quality and satisfy their specifications. Unfortunately high levels of competition between businesses and short timeframes from consumers can leave limited time for this. As a result a high speed solution is needed that can simultaneously create the right product and keep errors to a minimum.

At Microdex we are well versed with the product development needs of businesses in various sectors. We can provide an efficient, streamlined service from start to finish thanks to our highly trained engineers. With their knowledge, skills, and the high quality equipment we have invested in, we can achieve fantastic results quickly.

One thing that sets us apart when it comes to product development is we can reduce the amount of time lost at various stages. Generally the biggest losses come during electronic and PCB design. Every time the designs need to be edited or changed will take time, especially if testing is done to ensure errors have not been made as a result. We can tackle this effectively with help from Altium designer.

An additional area where problems occur is when designs are prepared to allow mass production of components. At this stage we can take a look at a design for you to check for layout issues. Any we notice can be redesigned out to prevent them from causing issues. This translates to both cost and time savings.

Ensuring electronic products comply with EMC and environmental standards can also consume a lot of time, especially if items need to be sent away for testing. Fortunately we can help again thanks to our ongoing relationship with a leading UK based certification company. They can conduct EMC tests to satisfy all kinds of standards.

When clients come to us for product development they can expect the best because it is what we focus on delivering. If you have any questions please get in touch.