Taking electronic design to the next level

We established ourselves as an electronic design specialist in 2001. Ever since, our primary goal has been to supply concept support to companies throughout the country. Typically, our clients consist of individuals that lack either the specialist design knowledge or proper resources necessary to move forward. If you fit into this category, we are just the people to help.

Our engineering team is competent in every aspect of electronic design, having designed merchandise via the aid of Altium for well over a decade. They are able to cover a slew of product variations, including the likes of multicore digital signage processors, motor control and robotics, USB interfaces, wearable devices, and much more.

We possess an extensive level of knowledge of board and system level electronic design. The processes that we employ have enabled us to maintain a considerable focus on quick product development delivery whilst managing to preserve a fluid operation, which is able to adapt in order to incorporate original features or simplify the designs.

As experts with Altium designer, all of our merchandise is manufactured utilising advanced features for the purpose of hastening developments. Being a unified toolset, Altium can closely couple schematics, 3D outputs, and PCB design. By using these attributes, as well as the robust rule checking, the chance of making an error is lowered significantly.

A major difference between the competitors of Microdex and the company itself is that we make the most of our engineers. They are gifted with a plethora of talents in software design, PCB layout and electronics, making then our very best resource. With these people by our side, optimising designs, as well as making the most of processing power, processor resources, and untangling printed circuit board routing, are no great challenge for us.

At Microdex, we are able to tackle design problems at a speed and efficiency that is unmatched. At the same time, we can still concentrate on realising targets and offering cost effective, dependable solutions. If our business interests you and you’d like to know more about how we operate, we’d be happy to answer your questions.