“We were looking for an independent consultant to fill a skills gap within the company in order to complete a complex research and development project. Microdex’s skills and experience matched our requirements and Microdex was commissioned for the post.

The work was carried out in a highly organised and methodical manner. Provisions and pricing were made very clear from the start. The work was completed remotely but regular updates were provided to ensure that we always knew what work had been completed, what work was currently being done and any issues that arose.

In addition to carrying out the work as stipulated, Microdex took the project on-board and made useful suggestions as to improvements and cost-savings that could be made during the development phase. Work was delivered in stages and was always of a very high standard, well documented and with an emphasis on genuinely helping my company succeed with the project. Microdex became a key part of the development team.”

Microsynthesis Ltd

“We used Microdex to implement the embedded real-time code to control a high reliability battery charger for down-hole use. They have recently added additional modes to the charger including a logging function. In conjunction with this, Microdex have designed a bespoke USB based communication hardware and a Windows application to interrogate the charger, permit modification of operating parameters and to upload and interpret the logged information.

We really appreciated their no-nonsense approach, attention to detail and after-sales support. Supporting technical documentation is of the highest quality. I would, and have, recommended Microdex highly to my colleagues and former customers..”

Peter Comrie – PCM

“We used Microdex to carry out some component selection and schematic design. Following on from this work, we also used Microdex to provide the first prototype run of assembled printed circuit boards.

Microdex has good communication and quality of electronics design.

The quotation and invoice for the work prototype boards was very reasonable and I am sure we will be using Microdex for future design and prototype work.”

BlueBox Products – Poole